Marketing, Tech, & Virtual Assistance for the Neuro-Spicy

If being Neuro-Divergent or Neuro-Spicy🌶️is a big part of your life and you are working hard to stay on top of everything both business & professional but still feel overwhelmed, stressed, or behind, then I’m here to provide relief you!

I provide expert creative project management, executive administration of tasks, Social, E-mail, & Branding Strategy, and Creative Support Services for busy entrepreneurs, creatives, and small businesses who need relief to free up time so they can focus on their unique creative projects and what they do best. 🤗 

I will create, & manage the strategy, organization, and day-to-day details of your brand so you have more time and energy to focus on the bigger picture and moving your projects forward. ➡️

I am most experienced at providing assistance to creatives and service providers who are Femmes of color, queer/LGBTQ+ people, and other folks who identify as CIND/neurodiverse.🌈

But I love working with anyone who is providing genuine value to the communities that they serve. 

Creative Project Management

If there’s so much you want to do and haven’t done yet, maybe it’s because you need someone to assist you with managing the planning & execution. Having a digital road map to show you where you are going and where you have been will make the difference!

Web Design

I build beautiful responsive websites, designed to increase audience retention through value based branding, leveraging Google Analytics & ensuring that all marketing traffic is ultimately driving tangible business goals.

Executive (Function) Administration

As a former account manager with over 35 different clients I know that it’s hard to keep up with the need to drive business & stay creatively active. Let me help you identify and solve blockers for you in your daily efforts.

About Me

I am a roller skating, Queer Black single mom based in the Bay Area of California, with a Masters Degree from NYU in Humanities & Social Thought. After graduate school, my second act turned into 6+ years of Digital Marketing, Account Success, Strategy, & Instruction. 🌉💻🌈

And for my next trick, I am currently emerging as a creative & virtual assistance maven. I am harnessing the power of all my former lives & experiences to help my clients create digital strategies that are rooted in creating processes, communities, and services that they can grow sustainably and in tune with their best capabilities.

Stay tuned for more about my story…


Our Creative Services

My services include:  Virtual assistance, one-on-one coaching, accountability, and strategy sessions to help you organize your business and personal life. I also can consult on your efforts to start, brand, & market your service or product based business or making strategic changes to grow an existing business.

I’m open to all kinds of collaboration, here are some examples of what we can do together: 

Web Design & Redesign

I create beautiful, stylish, mobile first optimized custom websites for a variety of clients. My web design capabilities include, integrating other platforms, social media feed, installing & educating you on the audience data in Google Analytics. I can also creating a tech Homebase that will allow you to understand your websites processes.

Creative Project Management & Virtual Assistance

Virtual Accountability, with motivation, feedback, and encouragement on your work. Get help strategizing, digitizing, & organizing milestones and to do lists. Get training on how to use technology and micro-strategies designed to counteract the periods life & neuro-spiciness can throw us off track.

Executive (Dis) Function & Admin

I create beautiful, responsive, & custom websites for my clients. My web design capabilities include, integrating other platforms, installing & educating you on Google Analytics. And creating a Tech Homebase that will allow you to understand your websites processes.

Social Media & Content Strategy

I create beautiful, responsive, & custom websites for my clients. My web design capabilities include, integrating other platforms, installing & educating you on Google Analytics. And creating a Tech Homebase that will allow you to understand your websites processes.


My current rates start at $65/hr for virtual assistance. I am also open to creating a package of hours you can use throughout the month!

You can book me for a time slot where we work together or I can do a set of tasks with a 48 hour turnaround. (Or sooner for a lil extra)

Strategy & Values

Our Approach

I approach virtual assistance, marketing, & web development with the core values of alignment, fun, & creating resonance between creators, service providers & their true fans. I believe that owning and serving your audience directly is the best way to achieve micro and macro business goals. I do my best work when I am serving people that have unique offerings for their audiences and my passion is using the most efficient & creative means to connect them. 🫱🏾‍🫲🏾


Using content, social media, or e-mail strategies that don’t work for you specifically can lead to working backwards. And as a professional, you don’t have time for that! Work with me to use your natural alignments to increase your capability to drive your success!


I work to create content, strategies, and media that are resonant with the audiences of my clients. My goal is to create media, art, and help people deliver services that are resonant with their daily lives & needs. We do this through bringing together the elemtns of quality offerings with digital and phsyical products that represent that.


When you’re in the process of building a businesses, or creative endeavor, you can follow your wave of passion but eventually  get stuck. That’s when it’s key to tap into why you started and what is fun for you to jump back into your momentum.

The Glowing Reviews

Lauren Turner, LCSW

Clinical Therapist, LCSW
Sport & Performance Psychology

“Justina made me feel so much more relieved by helping to strategize and execute my brand, tech, and website needs. I feel more streamlined and have the bandwidth to be able to take on more things in my practice, because of the support from her. I’ve already referred her to friends looking to build their businesses as well!”

Ezra Rocha

Witch & Stitch Astrology, Tarot, and Beadwork. Quinault / Chichimeca 🦇✨✨✨

The Sassy Medium

“Justina offered their services when I was feeling like giving up on my business. They inspired me to keep growing and building while simultaneously offering virtual assistance in bookings, graphic design, and copywriting. They are a very beautiful and kind Spirit and I would highly recommend them for any task or goal. Tlazohcamati Justina ~ you have made my darkest days so much brighter.”

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Hella High Magic Media

A magical Bay Area based media agency owned by a Black Femme Queer Roller-skating single mom. We focus on creating striking, digital creations, products, and tailored creative marketing strategies for the success of many types of business & service providers.



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