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Crafting Bold and Enchanting Digital Experiences: Specialized Web Design, Marketing, and Consulting for Creatives and Entrepreneurs.

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Empowering Femme Creatives and the neuro spicy with tech-driven web design and creative marketing solutions tailored for the wonderfully neurodiverse and ambitious.

Our expertise in seamless, accessible design and strategic online growth supports the dreams of femme entrepreneurs and creatives.

Elevating your vision into a vibrant online presence, every click at a time

let me join you on your creative and digital journey

At Hella High Magic Media, we offer a range of creative and design services to help Neuro-Spicy & Femme led small businesses and creators stand out and succeed online. We have the skills and experience to create beautiful, effective designs that reflect your unique style and values. Whether you need a new logo, custom art commissions, or any other type of design work, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to help you make a bold and memorable impression with our creative and design solutions.

Our specialised Services

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each business. With the ever-evolving online landscape and your dynamic business environment, we aim to consistently deliver a personalized and distinctive experience.

web design & consulting

creative project management

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creative production & consultation

Elevate your online presence with our web design services, where creativity meets functionality to deliver stunning, user-friendly websites. Our expertise extends beyond creation, empowering you to leverage your website effectively, ensuring a seamless, engaging experience for both you and your audience.

Our creative project management approach transforms your grandest visions into achievable, step-by-step projects. By harnessing the power of leading project management platforms and strategic meetings, we guide your creative ideas from concept to completion, ensuring a streamlined, organized process that brings your visions to life efficiently and effectively.

Our creative production and consultation service is your go-to partner for bringing ideas to life. Think of us as your creative "second brain," dedicated to crafting and refining your projects. From designing and writing books to editing podcast episodes and creating standout promotional materials, we've got you covered.

Neuro-Spicy Femmes to the Front!

The Reality of (Un)Diagnosed Neuro-Spiciness

What is Neuro-Spicy? It’s what people commonly refer to as Neuro-Divergent which refers to individuals whose brain and/or neurological functioning has specific strengths and weaknesses on a spectrum and may function differently from ‘Neuro-typical’ or societal norms or standards.

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But it's more than just another way to describe Neuro-expansiveness. It's about embracing the unique perspectives and cognitive profiles that deviate from the 'Neuro-typical' or societal standards. This includes individuals with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more, showcasing a spectrum of innate or acquired differences.

Research indicates that neurodivergent individuals, especially femmes and those underrepresented in both the neurodiversity and gender spectra, bring groundbreaking innovation to creative and entrepreneurial spaces (Scott et al., 2019).

But it's more than just another way to describe Neuro-Divergence. It's about embracing the unique perspectives and cognitive profiles that deviate from the 'Neuro-typical' or societal standards. This includes individuals with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more, showcasing a spectrum of innate or acquired differences.

Neuro-Spicy is a lens through which the world is experienced distinctly, often highlighted by heightened creativity, problem-solving abilities, and innovative conceptual thinking.

I am most experienced at providing assistance to creatives and service providers who are Femmes of color, queer/LGBTQ+ people, and other folks who identify as CIND/neurodiverse.🌈 But I love working with anyone who is providing genuine value to the communities that they serve

the mission

(I choose to accept it)

At Hella High magic Media we empower creative individuals and small businesses to share their passions and expertise with the world through beautifully designed, accessible websites. We prioritize collaboration, client education, and building websites that work seamlessly with your lifestyle and vision. We believe that everyone deserves a digital space that reflects their unique story and contributes positively to the online landscape.

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Latest Projects

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Hella dope bay area

coloring book

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the Bay (YAY) Area with 'The Hella Dope Bay Area Coloring Book,' a tribute to the iconic cities and colloquialisms that make the Bay unforgettable.

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Which path will you choose? You can stay on the main garden path and explore our gift shop filled with exquisite prints and stickers, or venture down the road less traveled to the HHMM Secret Garden Gift Shop. Discover unique gifts such as cards with uncommon greetings for everyday occasions.

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Black Fae Day is May 11, 2024 this year! The Theme is Faeby Reunions and it’s all about reconnecting with your best self through fantasy. And Jasmine La Fleur is there to guide the way! I can’t wait to reveal what is coming between HHMM and Black Fae Day!

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Hi friend,

I’m Justina Sade m.a.


Hella High Magic Media

My name is Justina Sade, founder of Hella High Magic Media, a forward-thinking design and marketing agency in the Bay Area, California. As a Queer, Black single mom with roller skates under my feet and a Masters in Humanities & Social Thought from NYU, I bring a rich mosaic of experiences to digital strategy and creative assistance. With over six years in digital marketing, my journey has spanned roles in account success, strategy, and instruction, fueling my passion for nurturing sustainable growth and community-driven services.

My secret sauce? It's all about mixing my eclectic past—think scholarly pursuits, digital strategy whiz, and a touch of creative flair—to craft digital strategies that aren't just effective but resonate on a personal level. I'm all about building processes, communities, and services that grow with you, all while staying true to what makes you, well, you.

Diving into the nitty-gritty, I bring to the table not just my PhD-worthy research and writing chops but also a deep-seated love for cultural and organizational analysis. This combo means I'm all about delivering top-notch, customer-centric strategies for a kaleidoscope of clients across various sectors. Looking to amp up your business or creative project? I'm your gal, ready to roll up my sleeves and help you navigate the digital world with ease, creativity, and a dash of humor.

Quotation Mark

“Justina made me feel so much more relieved by helping to strategize and execute my brand, tech, and website needs. I feel more streamlined and have the bandwidth to be able to take on more things in my practice, because of the support from her. I’ve already referred her to friends looking to build their businesses as well!”


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Our Creative Process



Discover through dialogue and refflection

Start with our quick, insightful questionnaire—your launchpad to clarity. It’s designed to pinpoint your needs and spark the conversation. If you’re ready to dive in, drop us an email at, and we’ll use your responses to tailor our initial meeting. Together, we’ll map out the journey for your project’s success.


Crafting Your Strategy

I will tailor my research and planning to meet your specific requirements, ensuring the process is approached in the most effective way to achieve the desired results.

Your vision is unique, and so is our strategy. We delve into research tailored to your goals, curating a path that’s not just about the process, but about delivering the results you seek. It’s a collaborative quest to discover the most effective way to bring your ideas to life.




Consider this the grand unveiling: the final stage where your project transitions from blueprint to reality. We handle all the complexities of implementation, ensuring a smooth handover. Your project materializes with precision, just as you envisioned—ready for its audience.

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Curated Service Packages

We do many things but we have four tailored packages available for a range of creative and business needs. If you don’t see a package that matches your exact needs, we can always work together to create a plan that works for your unique needs. If need help deciding which is right for you, reach out at and we will respond asap!

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web design

Starting from zero or looking for something new?

Craft a digital space that's uniquely yours:

Custom Web Design on Canva:

Start with a distinctive look using Canva's flexible platform.

Shopify & WordPress Customization: Tailor your e-commerce or blog to fit your brand personality.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Keep your site updated, secure, and running smoothly.

One-on-One Platform Training: Empower yourself to manage your site with confidence.

FROM $650

creative project management

If life and/or your brain chemistry has you starting and stopping, this is for you.

second brain, business babysitter: We'll help you set the stage for your project's success and keep you on track

Innovative Consulting Solutions: Expert advice to navigate creative challenges.

Marketing Roadmap Development: Crafting the pathway to reach your audience effectively.

Podcast Development & Launch Planning: From concept to release, we manage the details.

Contact for Pricing

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Potential Client Questionnaire

Creative production & Consultation

Needing a refresh of your existing brand? Let’s give your online spaces a fresh lick of paint!

Book Design & Self-Publishing Support: Navigate the publishing maze with our expert design and publication guidance, turning your manuscript into a masterpiece.

Custom Organizational Solutions: Organize your creative ventures with tailored solutions that streamline and simplify your workflow.

Podcast Production & Editing: Elevate your podcast with our full-service production, from crystal-clear audio editing to engaging content creation.

Full Hands-on Content Beyond mere strategy, we craft and execute a dynamic content and marketing plan, ensuring your brand engages and resonates with your audience over a sustained period.& Marketing Creation:

FROM $65/hr







My artistic journey began in childhood, weaving through colorful textiles at home and mesmerizing museum encounters. As a Black Femme Queer mom, my art embodies my unique perspective, celebrating self-expression and accessibility in any form. From intricate crafts to bold digital creations, I strive to evoke emotions, spark dialogue, and inspire others to embrace their artistic voice.

While I utilize AI as a tool, it’s not my only medium or skill set and my artistic soul still comes through what I share. I use my “magic eye” and my lived experience to curate my AI outputs, infuse them with my vision, and tell impactful stories through them. I do have a Masters of Arts, I just didn’t imagine this is what I would use it for!

I appreciate you considering supporting the work of a budding artist!

Ready to make a lasting impression?

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Embark on a journey to redefine your business's digital identity.

Unlock the full potential of your online presence with accessible, beautifully designed websites tailored to fit any lifestyle and skill level.


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Drop us a message and let's begin crafting your success story together. Your vision, our expertise – where possibilities become realities.



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